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Stanford Chariot Summer Fellowship

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The Chariot Summer Research Fellowship was formed to provide an opportunity for students interested in anesthesiology with clinical exposure and involvement in cutting-edge research. Students will spend time shadowing in the operating room, interacting with patients in research studies, as well as writing up their findings for submission to conferences. Some of our current projects involve the use of technology, such as virtual reality, video projection, or interactive video games, to address anxiety in hospitalized patients undergoing procedures and diagnostic studies.

Attentive mentors are readily available to help guide students in their journey through medicine, as well as push students to continuously challenge themselves. CSRF will be both a fun and highly rewarding experience. Additionally, fellows will have the opportunity to build collaborative relationships with each other, all while exploring what the beautiful campus of Stanford has to offer.

Fellowship Application Season starts in December and ends in February. Applicants should be willing to dedicate a minimum of 6 weeks full-time during the summer to the fellowship.


Chariot Team with Stanford Robotics Team - June 28, 2023

What Our Chariot Fellows Say

"I did not realize that this fellowship would be such an eye-opening moment for my career. Shadowing, clinical research, and mentorship from colleagues with experience in medicine were only part of what made this program outstanding.  Through this program, I was able to build great connections with others who shared the same interests as me, while being in different parts of their careers."

"Could not have asked for a better summer research internship -- so much great teaching and bonding with like-minded peers."

"Being able to shadow physicians is such a vitally important part of the pre-medical journey and this program helps with that like no other. Not only are fellows able to shadow, they are able to interact with patients and families across the hospital. The Chariot Summer Fellowship is truly one of a kind."

"The people that you meet in Chariot will not only become colleagues, but also friends. The Chariot Fellowship's interdisciplinary overlap between research, patient care, academia, innovation, and community is incredibly unique."

"The Chariot Fellowship was one of the best career choices I've made because it created a team and family of open, hardworking, high-energy people. The fellowship provides insight into a full day in the life of an anesthesiologist through shadowing and gives a unique perspective on how virtual reality has a tangible impact, by allowing fellows to gain direct patient contact experience. The mentorship is very personal and the leaders are truly passionate about making sure you gain the most out of the experience."

Stanford Chariot Fellows 2023