Our Vision

  • Apply technologies that are medically non-traditional, yet familiar to children, to fill gaps in childhood stress treatment.
  • Engage children in innovative play and imagination to minimize attention to stressful stimuli.
  • Be a national leader of creative innovations in the enhancement of pediatric patient experience.

Our Values

  • Challenge ourselves to strive continuously towards creative advancements in pediatric care.
  • Treat patients as children, and children as if they were our own.

Our Technologies

We focus on adapting existing technologies and creating new ones to address the unique needs of individual patients.

CHARIOT in the news

See our recent article and video on NPR

“As soon as the video begins, Matthew is completely immersed as Rodriguez unlocks the bed to take him to the operating room. This is often the worst moment for kids — the moment of separation from their parents — but Matthew hardly seems to notice as his father kisses him goodbye.”

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Making a Difference at Stanford Children’s Hospital

Blaine “The Bullet” and Virtual Reality

“Sevo the Dragon” takes the stress out of surgery and anesthesia for young patients

"I felt great knowing my son was calm thanks to the projector/movie! This is amazing work with incredible workers. Keep it up Lucile Packard!

LPCH Family

"My son just experienced this for the first time last week – it was fantastic!!! It was far from his first surgery, but it was the first time that he went under general anesthesia without having me present… he seemed so relaxed and entertained, relatively speaking, as he was rolled out of the room with the entertainment system playing and the docs and nurses distracting him, all checking out what was happening on the screen in front of him. He never once looked back at us. Really so reassuring, for us and him. Bravo to its creators and LPCH! Totally awesome."

LPCH Family

"They were amazing! My son has had many MRIs and this was the best time. The countdown movie on the ceiling was so great. Very happy that you guys installed it. Made it all a lot easier for us."

LPCH Family